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‘It’s a Controls Engineer’s dream’

Variety is the spice of life at KAON.

There are very good machine building companies out there that specialise in certain sectors where all their clients might, for example, come from the pharmaceutical industry.

At KAON, we like specialisation too – like all engineers we value expertise – but we also like diversity.

And the fact that our clients come from across many sectors – including the pharmaceutical, automotive and consumer electronics worlds — means that no two projects are ever the same. When you are finished designing, programming, and building a fully-automated machine to make life-saving inhalers, for example, your next project will be something entirely different.

Different customers from different sectors means different requirements and different processes. In truth, it’s a Controls Engineer’s dream.

The spectrum of work is very broad, and there’s large variation in what we do. We have robots on our floor that are picking bags off conveyors and packing them into boxes at 60 parts per minute and then we have machines that make foam. In terms of the processes, there’s a huge amount of variation there.

We know controls engineers are used to programming cameras and robots but what the camera is looking at and what the robot is doing is wildly different from one project to the next at KAON – making foam is completely different from picking up a bag and putting it into a box. The learning never stops.

At any given time, there are 15 projects on the go at KAON. All different. All demanding. All stimulating. For one of our current projects, we have had to programme 40 unique processes!

Of course, it comes with stress. There’s a lot of customer expectation, but if you are a controls engineer, you would expect that. You know it’s worth it, because you’ve experienced the special rush of making a cutting-edge machine come to life. You know that delivering that to the customer is a huge source of satisfaction for an engineer.

KAON Automation specialises in not specialising. That’s what keeps us on our toes. That’s what makes us tick. All our builds have one thing in common though – they challenge you to be the best you can be every time you come to work.

If you like the sound of working with complete autonomy on complex and challenging projects, get in touch today. We have openings for senior controls engineers in Sligo and Cork.