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Say hello to Noel Horgan, KAON’S Regional Manager in Cork

As KAON celebrates the opening of our new facility in Cork, we thought it would be a good time to introduce you to our Regional Manager, Noel Horgan. Noel, who hails from Midelton, Co. Cork, originally joined KAON back in 2010 when the company was already quite established in the North West.

“At that time I would’ve already had five years’ experience in the industry as a controls engineer but for Kaon, it was a time of a lot of growth, the focus was very much on establishing a strategic approach and scalable methods and it’s fair to say I had to grow a bit myself!” says Noel who spent the next five years working with KAON in Sligo.

“It was all good fun and very interesting but I knew I eventually wanted to settle closer to home,” says Noel. “In 2015, I decided to return to Cork. This was when we had different views on remote working.

“But we kept in touch and when Garreth and Fergus approached me with the idea to create a new branch of KAON in the south of the country, I didn’t need much convincing.” 

In 2020, Noel re-joined the KAON team and began working towards setting up the second facility. As Regional Manager, Noel wears a lot of different hats, focusing on establishing the new facility and a technical team to meet customers’ needs in the southern region.

“Working in KAON is never boring that’s for sure. The machinery itself is extremely interesting if you’re technically minded, there’s a great creative element to it, to envisage the solutions that some just love,” he says.

“You’re also working within very technically minded teams both internally and externally so again it’s very challenging but always interesting and very rewarding to see the equipment deliver on our promises and our relationships with our customers grow stronger.” 

Outside of work, Noel enjoys music and travel but his mind is never too far from tech! “There’s still that technically-interested side of me too so a fair bit of time is spent reading, watching and learning about whatever is on my mind, mostly EV’s for the past while, I’ve lost count of the amount of breakthrough technologies I’ve read about there!” 

With the opening of the new facility in Cork, Noel is on the lookout for talented, creative professionals to join the KAON team. “For some reason automation engineering seems to be a niche profession, but there’s definitely a band of people for who the combination of creativity, technology and the group environment is a great fit.”  

If you’re interested in growing your career with KAON, check out our range of roles and get in touch with us on

KAON is now in Cork!

Did you know that KAON Automation has recently opened a facility in Cork? And did you also know that we are looking for engineers to join our machine-building team by the Lee?

The new 900sqm Cork facility at Little Island has been opened to support our customer base in the southern region of the country.

We will also continue to run operations from our headquarters at a 3,000sqm purpose-built premises in Collooney in Sligo (where we are also actively hiring!)

It is an exciting move for all of us at KAON and we are looking forward to building our team in Cork.

Noel Horgan, originally from Midleton has been appointed as KAON Regional Manager and is looking for new team members. The roles we are currently hiring for include: mechanical design engineers, controls engineers, electrical design engineers and build technicians.

“KAON has been growing and expanding over the past few years and needed more capacity so the decision to open in a new market to service the southern region was a natural move for us. The reaction from potential new customers in the region has been outstanding and we are currently hiring to deal with demand,” says Noel.

“We design and build machines from concept to completion so it is a very exciting place for an engineer to work. There is a physical outcome and that is very attractive to engineers. Anyone who is interested in working with us at KAON can contact us directly or look on our website for current roles we are advertising.”

At KAON, we work primarily in the medical device industry so what we do matters. We are building machines that are saving and changing people’s lives.

If you would like to help us do that — in Cork or Sligo — contact our HR Manager Emma Regan at

Welcome to KAON Automation!

We have changed our name to KAON Automation to reflect our growth and ambition for the future and have evolved our brand identity to take the company into a new era.

But while our name might change, we are still as committed as ever to continuously improving our relationships and services to our valued customers and ensuring KAON is a great place to work.

At Kaon we work primarily in the medical device industry so what we do matters, we are building machines that are saving and changing people’s lives.

We deliver innovative and scalable custom-designed automation solutions for leading manufacturing companies globally. Our team delivers high-tech robotic machines to customers mainly in the MedTech, electronic and automotive sectors.

Our headquarters are in Sligo but we recently opened a new Cork office to support our customer base in the southern region.

And in more good news, we are also hiring! If you would like to join the KAON team, contact our HR Manager Emma Regan at